Speedhorse Graham Paint & Appaloosa Futurity Nominations

 BS Bad Man APHA  Lota PYC QH  Mashburn, Bob
 Cadillac Ride APHA  Dupont QH  Jones, Dan & Kaye
 Candy Cartel ApHC  Cartels Candy Man QH  Vaughan, Gary
 Capo Turnpike APHA  Capo De Capi QH  Capo Turnpike Racing 
 Carole Baskin APHA  Capo De Capi QH  Painted Faith Racing
 CL Flew The Coop APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Cazares, Rick
 CL Painted Shadows APHA  Painted Turnpike APHA  Gurrera, Ricardo 
 CRL Hardwire APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Leggett, Wade
 CRM Country Girl APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Moreland, Delbert
 CRM Princess Rose APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Hawk, Bryan
 CRM Tommy Boy APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Diediker, John
 De Quick Capo APHA  Capo De Capi QH  Willis, Eddie
 Drunk On You APHA  Moonin The Eagle QH  Dunn Ranch
 DTL Hotwired APHA  MHM Hotwire APHA  Lester, Dean or Tonya
 EL Docs Best Chic APHA   Docs Best Card QH  Logan, Elizabeth
 Emerald Coast ApHC  A Revenant QH  Vaughan, Gary
 Fabulous Turnpike APHA  One Fabulous Eagle QH  Estate of Nolan Pevehouse
 Fast Eagle APHA  One Fabulous Eagle QH  Harrison, Jana Glynn
 Feature A Lady APHA  Feature Mr Bojangles QH  Powers, Marty or Shalia
 Fightin Girl APHA  BV Travelin Soldier QH  Planefun LLC
 Get Rekt By Veto APHA  Coronado Cartel QH  Taylor, Kyle 
 I Ama Travelin Apple APHA  BV Travelin Soldier QH  Apple R Racing
 Ima Turnpike Doosey APHA  Painted Turnpike APHA  Stacy, Carole
 JS Chicken Gitter APHA  Gitter Dun Turnpike APHA  Wheeler, Shirley
 JS Runnin Wire APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Wheeler, Shirley
 Ken Miles APHA  Prized Wagon AQHA  Ros, Jay & Keener, Wendy
 Lajolla Turnpike APHA  Painted Turnpike QH  Hawk, Bryan
 Livewires Wagon APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Hawk, Bryan 
 MH Big Dog APHA  Readi To Be Famous QH    Haineline, Mary 
 Mr Apollo Blue ApHC  Jess Louisiana Blue AQHA  Moss, Michael
 My Name Is APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Perkins, Roy Kent
 Name Pending   Daguerre AQHA  Browning Rainee
 NCC Ima Cassanova APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Newcomb, Ladonna
 Osage Sky APHA  Osage Spirit APHA  Williams, Karen
 Outlawstateofmind APHA  Docs Best Card APHA  Planefun LLC
 Over The Shock APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Whitekiller, Matt
 Pending   Capo De Capi QH  Leggett, Wade
 PFR Apollitical Kate APHA  Apollitical Spirit QH  Painted Faith Racing
 PHQ Snowpike APHA  Painted Turnpike APHA  Painted Faith Racing
 Return Of The King ApHC  A Regal Choice QH  Berry, Sonja
 RP Reckless Wire APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Perkins, Roy Kent
 Shez Wired Up APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Devereaux, Madilyne
 Show Me Ur Colors APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Jones, Dan & Kaye
 Smithworks APHA  Painted Turnpike QH  Hawk, Bryan
 So Whatcha Want APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Adams, Jeff
 Splasher APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Kelly, James
 Stormin The Mountain APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Wood, James 
 Trap Play APHA  Docs Best Card QH  Kelly, James
 View From The Wire APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Jones, Dan & Kaye
 WF Heart Throb APHA  Docs Best Card QH

 Painted Faith Racing 

 WF High Gear APHA  High Rate Of Return QH  Painted Faith Racing
 Wired Four Forty APHA  CRM Livewire APHA  Sills, James C
 WL Showtime APHA  Kool Wagon QH  Lyon, Glen & Cheek, Jack
 51 Entries As Of 4/23/2021    

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