Turf Paradise to Begin Pre-Race Vet Exams

Posted by Press Release on 03/07/2019

Turf Paradise announced plans to start giving pre-race veterinary examinations to all horses in an attempt to curb a recent rise in fatalities. 

Turf Paradise officials announced today (Wednesday) that beginning March 18, about 65 horses will be examined each race day. Previously, about 15 horses received pre-race exams per day based on selections by the stewards. 

According to a recent study by the Arizona Department of Gaming, 50 horses were euthanized during the 2017-18 season at the Phoenix track, mostly after they suffered leg or ankle injuries during a race. That number is double the national equine death rate at tracks. 

Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse began competing at Turf Paradise in January 1956. The racetrack has 131 live racing days per year from mid-October to early May.

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