Los Alamitos Quarter Horse Racing Association Submits Equine & Rider Safety and Enhancement Plan to CHRB

Posted by Press Release on 07/15/2020

LOS ALAMITOS, CA—JULY 15, 2020—In response to the suggestion of the California Horse Racing Board (the “Board”), the Los Alamitos Quarter Horse Racing Association has submitted to the Board an Equine and Rider Safety and Enhancement Plan. 

The Plan provides for enhancement of practices in six specific areas: 

  • Training
  • Pre-race Procedures
  • Entry Review Panel
  • Post-incident Assessments
  • Equine Illness and Recovery
  • Rules and Conditions.

Los Alamitos is soliciting comments from the Industry in general and particularly from the Board regarding content of the Plan. 

Dr. Ed Allred, the owner and CEO of Los Alamitos Race Course, said that the plan is a further effort by Los Alamitos to provide for the enhanced improvement of the health and safety of each every horse and rider participating in racing and training at Los Alamitos. 

Allred further stated that notwithstanding his hope that the Plan would be further improved through comments from the Industry and the Board, the changes contemplated by the Plan would be implemented immediately. 

For more information, please contact 714-820-2690. 


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Courtesy of www.losalamitos.com.

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