Indiana Horse Racing Commission Notice Regarding Use of Altrenogest/Regumate

Posted by Press Release on 06/06/2018

INDIANAPOLIS, IN—JUNE 6, 2018—Altrenogest (brand name Regu-Mate) is sold as an oral progestin used to suppress estrus in mares. Altrenogest is classified by the Association of Racing Commissioners International’s Uniform Classification Guidelines as a drug Class 4 and penalty Class C substance. 

Effective July 15, 2018, the Indiana Horse Racing Commission will impose penalties for any colt, gelding or stallion testing positive for Altrenogest. In conformation with ARCI guidelines, the use of Altrenogest in mares will be permitted. If you are currently utilizing this medication for your male horses, we encourage you to stop, as the withdrawal period can be lengthy. 

We would like to remind trainers that they have the option to send blood samples from any horse in their stable to be tested through Industrial Laboratories Therapeutic Medication Research Program. 

CLICK HERE to visit the IHRC's website and for information regarding this program.

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