Hair Testing Guidelines at Will Rogers Downs

Posted by Press Release on 08/14/2020

CLAREMORE, OK—AUGUST 12, 2020—The following condition of entry for stakes races will be implemented at Will Rogers Downs for the upcoming 2020 Quarter Horse, Paint and Appaloosa meet. ALL stakes horses will be required to be hair tested prior to entry! 

Negative test results must be provided within 45 days prior to race day (trials date if applicable if no trials the date must be within 45 days prior to the finals). Test results will take 7 to 10 days to be returned to the racing office and no horse will be entered into a stakes race without a negative hair test reported back to the racing office. It is important that YOU PLAN ACCORDINGLY! 

Testing samples will be collected each Tuesday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at Will Rogers Down in the designated collection area on the backside of the saddling paddock. 

  • Appointments are required by noon the day prior by calling (405) 881-5120.
  • Test must be paid for at the time the sample is collected. 
  • Cash, Check or Credit Card are the only acceptable forms of payment.

August 26 is the first day for hair testing. 

All Mystery Futurity and Derby and AQHA Challenge Horses must all be tested on Tuesday August 26, to ensure the results are returned before trial entry day. Please call to schedule your time (405) 881-5120.

OQHRA, WRD Racing Office and Race administrators will make every effort to notify those in stakes races that their horses need to be tested, however it will be the owner/trainer responsibility to identify what stakes races your horses will be running in and to be sure their test date is not more than 45 days prior to the running of the race and/or that the sample has been collected a minimum of 10 business days prior to entry. 

Please call the OQHRA Hair Testing Line with any questions! 

CLICK HERE to download a calendar showing testing dates, (good through dates), entry dates and stakes race dates. 

The following is the condition of entry for stakes, trials, derbies and futurities at Will Rogers Downs and will be printed in the condition book. 


No horse will be allowed to enter into a stakes race at Will Rogers Downs unless results of a negative hair test through the process outlined below have been provided to Will Rogers Downs. Stakes races include all overnight stakes, trials, Derbies and Futurities. All testing will be facilitated by OQHRA and scheduled by calling the Hair Testing Scheduling Line at (405) 881-5120. 

  1. Hair samples must be collected for testing within 45 days of the stakes race date (or trials) on which a horse will compete at this meet. Results must be on file with Will Rogers Downs before a horse can be entered.
  2. As a service to horsemen, OQHRA will facilitate the collection and submission of samples from horses that are scheduled for testing in order to race at Will Rogers Downs.
    a. A fee of $100 per horse must be paid at the time of collection of sample.
    b. The Trainer or Owner must contact the OQHRA to schedule hair collection.
    c. Hair collection will begin Tuesday, August 25 and continue each Tuesday from 9am – 2pm throughout the meet, subject to change. It is required that appointments be booked by 12:00 noon the day prior.
  3. In no event will a horse be eligible to enter a stakes race unless the hair testing described herein has been completed and a negative result has been provided to Will Rogers Downs in accordance with these conditions. Therefore, allow 7-10 business days prior to entry day for test results to be returned to the racing office.
  4. Since all stakes races will require a negative hair test collected within 45 days of the date of the race (or trial, if conducted) to be eligible to enter for said race, this may result in horses being required to have additional hair tests if an initial test was conducted more than 45 days prior to the date of the later stakes race.

* Hair tests and the results of any such testing as required by this condition are not considered official tests or results by the OHRC. 

* The Trainer or Owner who initiated the hair test will be contacted at once, within 24 hours whenever possible, upon notification of any positive result. 

* Racing office personnel cannot and will not provide any hair testing results for any reason. 

For more information on testing requirements or for scheduling, contact: Hair Testing Scheduling Line at 405-881-5120 or the OQHRA at 405-216-0440.

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