All American Qualifiers

Posted by Speedhorse on 08/30/2019
Mister Riptide
Passionate Paris
My Fast Prize
Lil Miss Sashay
Mr Jess Jenkins
Gonna B Famous
Determined One
Elm Creek Chrome
DF Mischievious Jess
Cers Final Try
Hodgepodge Hocks
Uncle D
Katch This Bird
Kiss Thru Fire
Eagle Acting Up V
Target Locked
Kiss This Flying By
American Hussle
America Rules
Flying Cowboy 123
Tools In The Sky
Valiant Tiberias
Jest Famous
Flash And Roll
Jess Macho Corona
Midday News
Rustys Miracle
Fantastic Feature Jr
PJ Splash Of Joy
Especially Tres PYC
Sera Jess Fine V
Symbol Of Faith
DF Lord Garvan
Secret Flying Dream
Coach A Comin
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The highly anticipated All American Futurity & Derby festivities are well on their way. A total of 26 trials were contested over two days at Ruidoso Downs to determine the 10 fastest qualifiers for the $3 million All American Futurity-G1, and the next 10 fastest qualifying times are preferred entrants to the $200,000 All American Juvenile. These two races are to be held on Labor Day – closing day of the Ruidoso Downs’ summer season. The $1,550,855 All American Derby, Quarter Horse racing’s richest race for 3 year olds and it’s consolation race The First Down Dash Stakes, will be run on Sept. 1 at Ruidoso Downs.

August 16, day 1 of the trials, saw temperatures in the high 80’s and low 90’s, and there was a head wind gusting from between 6-13 mph. Just the boys qualified to the finals on Friday, coming from the 5th, 7th, 11th and 12th heats. One came from the inside post, two from the two-post, one from the four-hole and one from the six. Day 1 of the trials also saw one homebred make it to the big event in Elm Creek Khrome for breeder/owner H. Kent Creel. No sires had more than one qualifier, and no breeders, owners, trainers nor jockeys qualified more than one horse to the finals.

August 17, day 2 of the trials, saw similar temperatures as day 1, but the winds were slightly more erratic. The day opened with a very light tail wind for the first heat, but quickly turned around to see the remaining trials running with anywhere from a 12 mph head wind to a 14 mph cross wind. That first heat with the slight tail wind saw three of the five qualifiers from day 2 advance to the finals. There were no homebred qualifiers from this day, and there were no sires, breeders, owners, nor jockeys to qualify more than one horse to the finals.

When we look at all of the qualifiers from both days of futurity trials combined, we see that there will be a coupled entry this year as owners Mark and Annette McCloy qualified one horse from day 1 and one from day 2 of the trials. We also see that trainers Bret Vickery and James Gonzales II each qualified two, and jockeys Jose Alvarez, James Flores and Ricky Ramirez each qualified two horses to the finals. Sires 

Apollitical Jess and One Famous Eagle each qualified two horses to the finals, as well.

On Aug. 18, 12 trials narrowed down the field to 10 finalists for the Derby. Runners were met with a fine day for racing with temperatures in the 80’s and winds that were light and did not impose much of a factor on the competitors. 

There was a shake to determine the final qualifier between Rustys Miracle in the eighth and Midday News in the ninth, each winning their heat wire-to-wire by a length in :21.516. Midday News was the winner of the shake and will head to the finals.

Sires Apollitical Jess, First Moonflash and Corona Cartel each qualified two horses to the finals. There are two homebreds on the qualifying ladder – Ryansmanonthemoon, who is bred and owned by Jimmy Negrete and Jimmy Vasquez; and Jess Macho Corona, who is bred by Turner Farms and owned by Gary Nutt and Turner Farms. Jockeys Ricky Ramirez, James Flores and Raul Ramirez Jr. each qualified three. Trainer James Gonzales II qualified two, as did trainer Michael Joiner.

 All American Futurity-G1 Qualifiers

:21.681        Mister Riptide, g.

                    (Woodbridge-Ms Riptide, Ocean Runaway)

                    Mark & Annette McCloy /James Gonzales II/Ricky Ramirez

:21.725        Passionate Paris, f.

                    (Walk Thru Fire-Paris Prize, PYC Paint Your Wagon)

                    Two Feathers Series LLC/Bret Vickery/Jose Alvarez

:21.736        My Fast Prize, c.

                    (Mr Jess Perry-Coronas Fast Prize, Corona Cartel)

                    TYKHE Racing LLC/Wesley Giles/Alan Hernandez

:21.745        Lil Miss Sashay, f.

                    (Kiss My Hocks-Sashay Hot, Walk Thru Fire)

                    Mark & Annette McCloy/James Gonzales II/Ricky Ramirez

:21.751        Mr Jess Jenkins, g.

                    (Apollitical Jess-Fetching Image, Dashing Cleat)

                    Jose Ernesto Guzman & Rito Sosa/Marcos Carrizales/James Flores

:21.808        Avyator, c.

                    (One Famous Eagle-Quick Moon Sign, Royal Quick Dash)

                    J F Racing Farm LLC/James Padgett II/Rodrigo Vallejo

:21.841        Gonna B Famous, c.

                    (One Famous Eagle-Louisiana Corona, Jess Louisiana Blue)

                    Lone Star Land & Cattle/Gerald Reed/James Flores

:21.859        Determined One, g.         

                    (Hes Relentless - Royally Sandra by Royal Quick Dash)

                    R. D. Hubbard and Shaun Hubbard/ Todd Fencher/Cody Jensen

:21.877        Elm Creek Khrome, g.

                    (Krash Cartel-Jess Love To Fly, Fly Jess Fly)

                    Kent Creel/Bret Vickery/Jose Alvarez

:21.883        Df Mischievious Jess, c.

                    (Apollitical Jess – Mischievous Player by Corona Cartel)

                    DF Mischievous Jess Partners/James B Padgett, II/Rodrigo S Vallejo

 All American Juvenile Qualifiers

:21.888        Shezgothelook, f.

                    (FDD Dynasty - Shez Jess Toxic by Take Off Jess)

                    J. Thomas Dinwiddle/James Gonzalez II/Ricky Ramirez

:21.896        Cers Final Try, g.

                   (One Dashing Eagle - Bp Shes All Corona by Corona Cartel)

                   Christina D. Robinson/Toney E Sedillo/Mauro Salcedo

:21.904        Paramounte, c.

                   (Favorite Cartel-Jess Genuine by Mr Jess Perry)

                   Rivera Quarter Horse Racing/Cynthia G. Gonzalez/Raul Herrera

:21.905        Hodgepodge Hocks, c.

                    (Kiss My Hocks - Lady Tenaya by Sixarun)

                    Debra M. Gotovac/Bradley C Bolen/Noe Garcia Jr

:21.919        Uncle D, c.

                    (Corona Cartel-Little Surfer by First Down Dash)

                    Cavenaugh Quarter Horses, LLC/Clint Crawford/Cody R. Smith

 :21.923         Kiss This Flying By, g.

                    (Kiss My Hocks-Petriflying by Feature Mr Jess)

                    Conda Maze, Justin Homen and RW Green

 :21.923        Katch This Bird, g.

                   (One Famous Eagle-First Prize Joy by Oak Tree Special)

                   Louis Howard/John A. Stinebaugh/Cody Jensen

:21.954        Kiss Thru Fire, f.

                    (Walk Thru Fire - Fredaville by Mr Jess Perry)

                    Gentry Farms/James Gonzalez II/Tanner Thedford

:21.971        Eagle Acting Up V, f.

                    (One Famous Eagle-Act Up by Strawfly Special)

                    Valeriano Racing Stables, LLC/James Gonzalez/JR Ramirez

:22.005        Target Locked, g.

                    (Valiant Hero-Mighty Shazoom by Shazoom)

                    Julio Gonzalez/Sammy Valdivia/Jose Vega

 All American Derby-G1 Qualifiers

:21.137        American Hussle, c.

                    (Apollitical Jess-Charming Cartel, Corona Cartel)

                    Rogelio Marquez Jr./Marcos Carrizales/James Flores

:21.297        America Rules, f.

                    (Corona Cartel-Allamericandreamgirl, Strawfly Special)

                    Coke L. Gage Jr./Gerald Reed/James Flores

:21.299        Flying Cowboy 123, c.

                    (Apollitical Jess-Hot Cash 123, Takin On The Cash)

                    Paragon Farms LLC/James Gonzales II/Ricky Ramirez

:21.361        Tools In The Sky, g.

                    (First Down Dash-No Tools Required, Jody O Toole)

                    Licon Farm & Ranch LLC/James Gonzales II/Ricky Ramirez

:21.402        Valiant Tiberias, g.

                    (Valiant Hero-American Feature, Feature Mr Jess)

                    Sergio Holguin, Cliften Nielsen & Felix Rodriguez/Ricardo Armendariz/James Flores

:21.431        Jest Famous, g.

                    (Mr Jess Perry-Famous Corona Lady, Corona Cartel)

                    La Feliz Montana Ranch LLC/Manuel Rodriguez/Ricky Ramirez

:21.457        Flash And Roll, f.

                    (First Moonflash-Stylish Jess BR, Feature Mr Jess)

                    Scott Bryant/Michael Joiner/Raul Ramirez Jr.

:21.507        Jess Macho Corona, g.

                    (Corona Cartel-Jess Send Me, Feature Mr Jess)

                    Gary Nutt & Turner Farms/Paul Jones/Raul Ramirez Jr.

:21.516        Midday News, g.

                    (FDD Dynasty-Summer Love Song, Mr Jess Perry)

                    Linda Joiner, Pat Smith, Izora Southway, Holly King & Kelly Allen/Michael Joiner/Raul Ramirez Jr.

:21.263        Rustys Miracle, g.

                    (First Moonflash-Valiant Hero by Fredricksburg)

                    J&SM, Inc. and Bob & Jerry Gaston/Fred Danley/Noe Garcia, Jr. 

First Down Dash Stakes Qualifiers

:21.531        Fantastic Feature Jr, g. 

                    (Fantastic Corona Jr - Pt Feature Dash by Feature Mr Jess)

                    Joe Rios/Juan Carlos Gonzalez/Cristian Esqueda

:21.568        Sumokeonthewater,g.

                    (FDD Dynasty - Sumokin by Country Chicks Man)

                    Ruse Ranch, LLC/Alfredo Gomez/Manuel Gutierrez

:21.570       Pj Splash Of Joy, f.

                    (First Moonflash - Jenuine Joy by Genuine Strawfly)

                    Holmes Racing Stables, LLC/Toby Keeton/J.R. Ramirez

:21.607        Danjer, g.

                    (FDD Dynasty - Shez Jess Toxic by Take Off Jess)

                    Dean R. Frey, Downtime Enterprises, LLC and Billy G. Smith/Dean R Frey/Cody Jensen

:21.623        Especially Tres Pyc, g.

                    (Pyc Paint Your Wagon - Especially Tres by Dashair)

                    Bobby Simmons/Clinton Crawford/Cody Smith

:21.635        Sera Jess Fine V, f.

                    (Jess Lips - Sera Fina by Corona Cartel)

                    Valeriano Racing Stables, LLC/Toby Keeton/J.R. Ramirez

:21.643        Symbol Of Faith, f.

                    (Tac It Like A Man - Answer The Dream by Tres Seis)

                    J. Garvin Kelly, Nancy Yearsley & J. Lloyd Yother/Dee Keener/Juan Pulido

:21.659        Df Lord Garvan, g.

                    (Apollitical Jess - Three Green Leaves by Tres Seis)

                    Darling Farms/James B Padgett, II/Juan Pulido

:21.661        Secret Flying Dream, f.

                   (Hez Our Secret-Dreams Flying by Strawfly Special

                   Bertha S. Irigoyen/Rene Saucedo/Manuel Gutierrez

:21.664         Coach A Comin, g.

                    (Apollitical Jess-Fantastic Follies by PYC Paint Your Wagon)

                    Ruthardt-Wood Quarter Horses/Wes Giles/Adrian Ramos

Speedhorse will be showcasing the events as they unfold again this year with the Annual Speedhorse All American Countdown beginning Thursday, August 29. We will start with Thursday’s All American Futurity & Derby qualifiers dinner and the Ruidoso Select Yearling preview & pre-sale party hosted by Lazy E Ranch. Friday will cover the days races at Ruidoso Downs followed by the first night of the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale. Saturday brings more racing and the 2nd night of the yearling sale. Sunday will be packed full of Quarter Horse stakes racing during the day, including the All American Derby, First Down Dash Stakes, All American Gold Cup, Bill Reed Memorial Stakes and the 2nd annual John Andreini Memorial. Then the final session of the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale will be Sunday evening. Monday is the day we all look forward to, the 60th anniversary of the All American Futurity. Also included on the program is the All American Juvenile. 

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