All American Countdown - Thursday

Posted by Speedhorse on 08/31/2018
Butch Wise emceed the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale
Hundreds gathered to get a glimpse of the Lazy E Ranch yearling consignments
Robyne Draper and Jed Vane
Donna MacArthur and Jacque & Sam Rich
Kay Bird, Jose Dominguez and Sandy Erwin
Paul Jones & Debbie Schauff
Jerry & Bob Gaston and Marshall & Lezlie Weir
Robert Esquebel, Juan Franco and Denis Winn
Miguel Estrada and Girardo Ramirez
John Treat, Francine Lamay, Ashley Pruitt, Jorge Ruiz and Sarah Gililland
Kenneth & Vicki Brossett
Hip #111 Salty Dash V (Tempting Dash-Salty Broad by Salt Lake TB)
Hip #184 The Night King (PYC Paint Your Wagon-Rustys Lil Lady by Fredericksburg)
Hip #76 Needs No Intro (One Famous Eagle-Separate Fire by Walk Thru Fire)
Hip #256 Political Mayhem (Apolitical Jess-PJ Chick In Black by Desirio)
Hip #302 Jess Like Budder (Mr Jess Perry-Budder Think Twice by First Down Dash)
Byron Woodard
Chad & Kim Hopkins
Danny & Sandra Miller and Bill Robbins
Denny Bowen, Susie Taylor & Jack Smith
Dick, Diane & Zachary Tobin
Eric, Yolanda & Mike Rogers
Hugo, Teodulo, Jose & Sal Soto
Izora Southway and Nicole Southway
Jerianne McPherson and Jon Louis Schneider and Donna McPherson
Jessica & Adrian Rodriguez, Sonia & Javier Rodriguez, Lico & Marta Rodriguez
Juan Licon
Ricardo & Judith Bernal and Andy Bernal
Rudy Valles & Todd Fincher
Sebastian, Sergio and Brittany Becerra
Sheila & Gary McKinney and Micah McKinney
Virginia & David Valdez
Anna Maher and Tom Maher
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All American Weekend Countdown – Day 5 – Thursday August 30

The 2018 All American finals weekend got off to a good start. Thursday morning, the early birds moseyed over to the sale barn to get a glimpse at the prospects in the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale. Then later that evening, hundreds lined the sale barn area to preview Lazy E Ranch’s 113 yearlings for the 2018 Sale. Butch Wise, as usual, emceed the event while guests were provided refreshments and a ringside view on bales of hay of the sale yearlings. This year’s Futurity & Derby has 6 qualifiers who sold in the 2016 0r 2017 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale. The sires with the most contestants are First Moonflash in the Futurity and PYC Paint Your Wagon in the Derby.

While the preview was happening, around the corner at Ruidoso Downs Race Track was the All American qualifier's dinner. The event began with cocktail hour in the Ruidoso Downs Race Horse Hall of Fame at 6:30 that evening. A lavish dinner buffet was served upstairs in the All American Turf Club. Music was provided and a video presentation of the All American Futurity and Derby qualifiers was screened after dinner.

The 440-yard All American Futurity offers the world’s largest purse for 2 year olds, regardless of breed. For the 4th consecutive year, the All American Futurity winner’s share of the $3 million dollar purse is $1.5 million.

If you haven’t caught the post position order yet, here is the All American Futurity & Derby Qualifiers and their connections…

$3,000,000 All American Futurity Post Position

This year’s All American Futurity qualifiers has two geldings and a filly who sold in the 2017 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale. First Moonflash has 3 qualifiers to the Futurity for 2018.

1)              :21.479 *Tools In The Sky, g, (First Down Dash-No Tools Required by Jody O Toole)

                  Licon Farm & Ranch LLC/Michael W Joiner/Felipe Garcia-Luna

                  Sold for $30,000 at the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

2)              :21.349 *Apocalyptical Jess, g, (Apollitical Jess-Cassandra Crest by Holland Ease)

                  Bill T Robbins/G Blane Wood/Raul Ramirez, Jr.

3)              :21.524*Wokatee On Fire, g, (Highest Fire-Wokatee by Shazoom)

                  Wokatee On Fire, LLC/Clinton Crawford/James A Flores

4)              :21.521 Im Jess Special V, g, (Jess Lips-Special Folly Dash by Tempting Dash)

                  Valeriano Racing Stables LLC/Toby Keeton/Agustin Silva

5)              :21.520 *Pilot Points Moon, g, (First Moonflash-Ms Pilot Point by Splash Bac)

                  Grant Farms LLC/Wesley T Giles/ Adrian Ramos

                  Sold for $40,000 at the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

6)              :21.535 Lynnder 16, f, (Apollitical Jess-Tinys Corona Queen by Corona Cartel)

                  Tom Maher & Dick Tobin/Jason Olmstead/Cristian R Esqueda

7)              :21.680 No Mires A La Luna, g, (First Moonflash-Dont Looke Ethel by Genuine Strawfly)

                  David Valdez & Byron Woodard/Trey Ellis/Rodrigo Vallejo

8)              :21.667 *Moonflash Numbers, f, (First Moonflash-Strength In Numbers by Strawfly Special)

                  Jose Bernado Soto/Salvador Soto/Sergio Becerra, Jr.

                  Sold for $30,000 at the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

9)              :21.664 *Badhabit Jess, g, (Mr Jess Perry-Sheza Bad Habit by Looking For Chicks)

                  La Feliz Montana Ranch LLC/G Blane Wood/G.R. Carter, Jr.

                  Sold for $25,000 at the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

10)            :21.648 *MM Fourinthemorning, g, (Mr Jess Perry-Easeful Dinastia by Corona Cartel)

                  Mark & Annette McCloy/G Blane Wood/Ricky Ramirez

                  Sold for $50,000 at the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

*trial winner

$1,238,000 All American Derby-G1 Post Position

This year’s two geldings and a filly from the Derby contestants came from the 2016 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale, including last year’s All American Futurity winner Fly Baby Fly. PYC Paint Your Wagon is the sire of 4 qualifiers to the 2018 All American Derby.

1)                         :21.534 Fly Baby Fly, f. (One Famous Eagle - Higher Fire by Walk Thru Fire)     

                              Fly Baby Fly Partnership/Trey Ellis/Rodrigo Vallejo

                              Sold for $180,000 at the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

2)                         :21.453 *Fast Prize Rumor, g, (Hez Our Secret-Coronas Fast Prize by Corona Cartel)

                              Jose Ernesto Guzman/Jorge Gonzalez/Manuel Gutierrez

                              Sold for $11,500 at the Heritage Place Yearling Sale

3)                         :21.532 *Papaws Paint, g, (PYC Paint Your Wagon-Heavenly Trip by Splash Bac)

                              R H Resources/Todd W Fincher/Bonifacio Perez

4)                         :21.384 *Hotstepper, g, (One Famous Eagle-Pandorum by Tres Seis)

                              RD Hubbard, Johnny D Cope, Rafter W Stables & Henry Southway/C Dwayne Gilbreath/Cody Jensen

                              Sold for $63,000 at the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

5)                         :21.414 *Jess Move You, g, (Apollitical Jess-Gonna Move You by Royal Shake Em)

                              Ricardo A Bernal & Reymundo F Resendez/Rodolfo G Valles/Jose Alvarez

                              Sold for $44,000 at the Heritage Place Yearling Sale

6)                         :21.522 *Wagon Chick V, f, (PYC Paint Your Wagon-Me Chickie by Major Rime)

                              MJR Investments Ltd/Clinton Crawford/G R Carter Jr

                              Sold for $25,000 at the Heritage Place Yearling Sale

7)                         :21.388 Peighnt Your Fate, c, (PYC Paint Your Wagon-Fate Cant Weight by Mr Jess Perry))

                              Reliance Ranches LLC/Mike Robbins/Stormy Smith

8)                         :21.278 Hes Limitless, g, (Corona Cartel-PJ Chick In Black by Desirio)

                              Jack Smith Farms/John A Stinebaugh/Agustin Silva

                              Sold for $105,000 at the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

9)                         :21.490 Another Shot, g, (Tempting Dash-Fontanas Stoli by Stoli)

                              Paragon Farms LLC/G Blane Wood/Ricky Ramirez

                              Sold for $28,000 at the TQHA Yearling Sale

10)                      :21.533 *PYC Fun N Fancy, c, (PYC Paint Your Wagon-First Prize Fancy by Mr Jess Perry)

                              Jose E Guzman & Rita Sosa/Jorge Gonzalez/James Flores

*trial winner

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