2018 Ruidoso Downs Racing Participation and Policy Statement

Posted by Lisa Tullier on 11/01/2017

Ruidoso Downs is under new ownership and management resulting from a recently completed acquisition.  The new owners of Ruidoso Downs and the Ruidoso Horse Sale company have invested in this iconic track specifically to create a racing and sales environment that will provide fairness, stability, and integrity for all who race, buy and sell here.  Simply stated, the opportunity to race at Ruidoso Downs is a privilege granted by its owners and not a right.  And for that privilege, rules must be followed. 

In 2017, Ruidoso Downs Racing, Inc., which owned and operated Ruidoso Downs for more than 30 years, worked closely with the New Mexico Racing Commission (NMRC) to make significant strides in out of competition testing, in establishing new race day medication standards, and in creating a more level playing field for racing’s stakeholders.   We applaud their efforts and seek to continue those efforts in 2018 and beyond.

Accordingly, the All American Ruidoso Downs (AARD) ownership and management will document the racing program rules and requirements in advance of the Triple Crown (Ruidoso, Rainbow and All American Races) nomination period so that owners and trainers, breeders, buyers and sellers, can all plan for their nomination and racing investments in 2018.

The stated parameters and rules of participation have been developed by AARD in close cooperation with NMRC and will be adhered to by all Ruidoso Downs racing participants.  In many cases the rules stated below are codified by the New Mexico law and NMRC regulations, and restated here for clarity and conformity.  AARD and NMRC wish to provide a racing program that enables every breeder, owner and trainer to compete on a level playing field.

Furthermore, an in-depth review of the policies and conditions under which racing has been conducted at Ruidoso Downs was performed by a panel of experts and consultants led by Dr. Glenn Blodgett.  Recommendations were made and will be aggressively pursued during the ensuing months and years at Ruidoso Downs.

We cordially and enthusiastically invite all the racing stakeholders to join us in 2018 for the 72nd year of racing in Ruidoso.


Stan Sigman Johnny Trotter        John Andreini         Narciso “Chicho” Flores



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