Dates Set For Annual Jockeys And Jeans Great American Stallion Season Sale

Posted by Press Release on 01/05/2021

JUNO BEACH, FL—JANUARY 4, 2021—The 6th annual Jockeys and Jeans Great American Stallion Season Sale to Benefit The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund will begin Friday, January 29 at 9 a.m. and end Monday, February 1, at 5 pm. (EST) on 

This is a true opportunity to show the world that Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horse people will stand up for those who can no longer stand for themselves. 

A preview of the seasons will be available on Thursday, Jan. 28. All seasons sold, their buyers and their prices are private. If you wish to donate a season or seasons and sell them privately, they are very welcome. 

All seasons are non-guaranteed and donors have the option of including a breed-back the following year if the buyer’s mare does not get in foal on first cover. 

All at Jockeys and Jeans are volunteers and every cent of the selling prices goes to the PDJF. The charity provides a monthly stipend of $1,000 to some 60 former jockeys who suffered catastrophic career ending injuries. At least 40 are either quadra or paraplegics. 

"We realize this has been a difficult year for all in racing and beyond, but it is impossible to breed or own a racehorse without being optimistic,” said Jockeys and Jeans President, Barry Pearl. "We assure you, your season donation will, for some of our fallen brothers and sisters, put a roof over their heads and pay the electric bill," Jockeys and Jeans President Barry Pearl said. 

Founded in late 2014 by a group of former jockeys, Jockeys and Jeans has raised over $1.5 million for jockeys who underwent career ending racing injuries. In addition to an annual Stallion Season Sale, the group organizes a yearly fundraising event at a separate track. Some 15 Hall of Fame riders are on hand to honor six of their fallen brothers and sisters who also attend. 

"We realize there are more requests from worthwhile charities in racing for stallion seasons than can possibly be filled, so we thank all those who donate to ours," said Pearl. "This sale is the only one in the entire racing industry whose entire proceeds goes to help humans; namely those Jockeys who have given so much of their lives beneath the horses we all know and love, These brave men and women are no longer riding horses but wheelchairs," he added. 

For additional information or questions contact Barry Pearl at [email protected] or call (717) 503-0182 or Eddie Donnally at [email protected] or call (818) 653-3711. 

Visit the Jockeys and Jeans website

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