CHRB Approves 2021-2022 Los Alamitos Quarter Horse Meet

Posted by Press Release on 11/18/2021

SACRAMENTO, CA—NOVEMBER 18, 2021---The California Horse Racing Board approved two license applications for racing at Los Alamitos during a teleconference meeting on Wednesday (Nov 17).

The traditional night Quarter Horse meet conducted by the Los Alamitos Quarter Horse Racing Association, will open December 26, 2021 and run through December 18, 2022.

A short, daytime Thoroughbred meet conducted by the Los Alamitos Horse Racing Association will run from Dec. 3 through Dec. 12.

Pertaining to both meets at Los Alamitos, the Board approved agreements between the meet operators and the horsemen's groups for both breeds allowing the racing secretaries to set entry conditions limiting certain medications and procedures.

Chairman Gregory Ferraro chaired the meeting, joined by Commissioners Dennis Alfieri, Brenda Washington Davis, Wendy Mitchell, and Alex Solis.

The public participated by dialing into the teleconference and/or listening through the audio webcast link on the CHRB website.

The full audio of this entire Board meeting is available on the CHRB Website ( under the Webcast link.

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