All American Countdown, Thursday, August 31

Posted by Speedhorse on 09/01/2017
All American Futurity And Derby Draw
Buffet Line for the Draw Brunch
Tim Keithly emceed the All American Futurity & Derby Draw
Ruidoso Downs Nominations Secretary Annelle Reynolds, Racing Secretary Johnny Montes and Adriana Anguiano prepare for the draw for selecting post positions
Paul Leal chooses AAF post position 1 for Mr Secret Glory.
Daniel Luna hangs the card for Dash For Stone under post position 2 for the AAF.
Shae Cox selects post position 3 for Believe Me Irene for the AAF.
Suzie Taylor chooses post position 4 for Hes Limitless for the AAF.
Melvin Neugebauer chooses AAF post position 5 for Uptown Dynasty
Jimmy Padgett hangs the card for Fly Baby Fly under post position 6 for the AAF.
Galen Hill selects post position 7 for Bigg Daddy for the AAF.
Rodrigo Vallejo selects post position 8 for Hawkeye for the AAF.
R.D. Hubbard hangs the card for Hotstepper under post position 9 for the AAF.
Omar Reyes hangs the card for Shakem Bye Perry under post position 10 for the AAF.
Jose Alvarez chooses post position 1 for Duponte for the AAD.
Juan Aleman, trainer of Elicity selects post postion 2 for the AAD.
Tommy Newman chooses AAD post position 3 for Myst Fit.
Juan Carlos Gonzalez hangs the card for De La Eagle under post position 4 for the AAD.
Beth Harper selects post position 5 for The Marfa Lights for the AAD.
Juan Carlos Gonzalez selects post position 6 for Majestic Eagle for the AAD.
Jimmy Padgett & Derby Darling select post position 7 for Hold Air Hostage for the AAD.
Abraham Huitron chooses post position 8 for Bellissima Cholcolata for the AAD.
Johnny Trotter chooses AAD post position 9 for One Sweet Racy.
Seth Ferguson hangs the card under post position 10 for Machismo Moon for the AAD.
Jockey Agustin Silva, Bobbie Harmon & Shree Cross, agents for Agustin Silva
Amanda Greer, Ruidoso Downs Administrative Assistant
Linda Sanders, Vaughn, Brook, and Truman Lee
Paul Leal, Tom & Marilyn Newman, Bobby & Catherine Simmons, Alyssa Gillis and Trey Wood
Tiara Darling, Jim Leslie and Dan & Derby Darling
Prospective buyers were busy looking at yearlings in preparation for the weekend's sale.
Butch Wise emcee'd the Lazy E Select Sale Yearling Preview
Higinio Avilez, Desiree Avilez, and Aaron Avilez
Bill Hatchett and Carl Hatchett
Carolyn Henson
Dale Butcher with Animal Health International
Ruidoso Downs Chaplain Darrell Winter
Jose Castro Gonzalez and Bertin Lopez with Grant Farms
Hip 118 First N Sassy by First Down Dash out of Jess Sass Me. Half Sister to Champions Jess Walking Thru and Sass Me Blue
Hip 155 Czar Cartel MV by Corona Cartel out of Dashin Follies. Full sibling to PYC Paint Your Wagon and Ivory James
Libby Amburn with Pete and Jo Scarmardo
Monroe Morgas
John Pumphrey and Jeff Pumphrey of Lexington KY
Raul Ramirez Jr & Rick Armandero, Odessa Tx trainer
Skylar Davis & David Trujillo
Stacey and Darlene Roberts
Tommy and Rebecca Neal
All American Futurity and Derby Banquet Dinner
Cheryl Metcalfe & Izora Southway 
Damian Espinoza & Victor Alvarado 
Daniela, Mauro & Kaelyn Salcedo 
Ed Smith, Ezra Lee, Mauricio Lopez, Cipriano Vidana, and Joe Lopez Jr 
Ezra, Brook, Truman and Vaughn Lee and Linda Sanders 
Flo Riley & Rumalda Garcia 
George & Linda Carter 
Jack Welch provided the musical entertainment for evening
Jeff True & Janet Van Bebber 
Jill Giles, Lisa Dominguez, Joannie Gilbreath, Jill and Tommy Riley 
Joan Dale Hubbard, Billy Smith and Janie McGuire
Joel & Isabella Valeriano 
Joel & Marissa Valeriano 
John Norris & Steven Musso 
Karl and Paula Breitenbach & Kaye and Audie Williams 
Kevin & Mandy Newman 
Laura & Leon Jensen 
Leasa Johnson, Joann Carter, Pinkie Smith and Jill Cathey 
Margarito Espinoza, Abraham Huitron, and Pedro A Lopez 
Nicky Payne & Brandi Mullican 
Nina Saenz & Jose Luis Enriquez 
Omar Reyes & Kalah Welch 
Terri Jeter, Paulette and Dorsey Chandler 
Tom Dawson with Larry and Marilyn Payne 
Yesenia Rayos & Roy Sanchez
RD & Joan Hubbard dedication dance
Joan and R.D. wave farewell
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Thursday kicked off the countdown to the 2017 All American Futurity Weekend, getting the festivities off to a good start. Midmorning Thursday, the connections to the qualifying horses gathered in the All American Turf Club for brunch and for the post-position draw for the All American Futurity & Derby. After they checked in, the draw process began. Tim Keithley, Director of Marketing emceed the event, while Annelle Reynolds, Nominations Secretary, Violet Smith, NMSRC Steward, Johnny Montes, Racing Secretary and Adriana Anguiano supervised the process of the qualifiers choosing their post positions. Everyone took a break to enjoy the buffet style brunch and then returned to select the post positions for the Futurity & Derby finals. While some were choosing their positions for the next All American winner, onlookers around the corner in the sale barn were getting a glimpse at the prospects in the Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale before the three-day event begins Friday evening.  


Futurity Draw Order and Jockey Position

(4 of the 10 contestants were Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale Graduates)

The 440-yard All American Futurity offers the world’s largest purse for 2 year olds, regardless of breed. For the third consecutive year, the All American Futurity winner’s share of the $3 million dollar purse is $1.5 million.

1 – Mr Secret Glory (Ricky Ramirez)

2 – Dash For Stone (Roberto Valero) – $34,000 TQHA Yearling Sale

3 – Believe Me Irene (Jose Luis Enriquez) – $8,000 HP Yearling

4 – Hes Limitless (Agustin Silva) –  $105,000 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

5 – Uptown Dynasty (Cipriano Uscanga Vidana) – $65,000 HP Yearling

6 – Fly Baby Fly (Jose Amador Alvarez) – $180,000 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

7 – Bigg Daddy (G.R. Carter, Jr.) – $25,000 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

8 - Hawkeye (Rodrigo Sigala Vallejo)

9 - Hotstepper (Cody Jensen) – $63,000 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

10 – Shakem Bye Perry (Omar Reyes) – $14,000 TQHA Yearling


Derby Draw Order and Jockey Position

(4 of the 10 contestants were Ruidoso Sale Graduates)

This year the 440-yard All American Derby has a $1,365,907 million dollar purse, which is the largest of any Quarter Horse derby. The largest of which was in 2013 with a purse of $2.8 million.

1 - Duponte (Jose Amador Alvarez) – $6,700 TQHA Yearling Sale

2 – Elicity (Esgar Ramirez)

3 – Myst Fit (Ricky Ramirez) – $19,000 Heritage Place Yearling Sale

4 – De La Eagle (Tanner Thedford) – $21,000 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

5 – The Marfa Lights (Larry Payne) – $145,000 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

6 – Majestic Eagle (G.R. Jockey, Jr.) – $51,000 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

7 – Hold Air Hostage (Rodrigo Sigala Vallejo) –$12,700 Heritage Place Fall Mixed Sale

8 – Bellissima Chocolata (Jose Montoya) –$300,000 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

9 – One Sweet Racy (Raul Ramirez, Jr.) – $110,000 Heritage Place Yearling Sale

10 – Machismo Moon (Mauro Salcedo) –$20,000 New Mexico Bred Yearling Sale


Later that day, many prospective buyers lined the sale barn area at Ruidoso Downs Thursday evening to preview Lazy E's approximately 119 Yearlings for the 2017 Sale. Butch Wise emceed the event while Sarah Gammill of Lazy E assisted. Guests were provided chilled beverages and a ringside view of the sale yearlings.

Trainer Rick Amandero was one of the horsemen at the sale barn Thursday getting an early glimpse at the sale yearlings before the event starts. “I train out of New Mexico primarily so I’ve been here in Ruidoso Downs for the Quarter Horse meet and had several horses in the All American trial races. I’m looking for prospects to bring along and the selection here at the Select Sale is always nice," Amandero said.

Skylar Davis is the New Mexico Brand Inspector. “We go through each horse here at the Select Sale and verify all their markings, check for brands and verify that the horses are correct,” says Davis, about their role here at the sale.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more updates and photos of the sale and races of the 2017 All American Countdown.


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